Recent updates from my world

Radio to Eternity w/ Radiophrenia - 2/2022

Thrilled to be launching a new podcast as part of my output under Underground Radio Directory. Radio to Eternity will explore experimental and community radio across the globe. First up its Glasgow based Radiophrenia. It's just not eternal by name, all episodes will be stored eternily on the arweave. You can listen to the first episode here. Out to Verity Pease for the amazing artwork for this years edition and to Mark and Barry for the lovely chat.

Channel S0 Token - 1/2022

Excited to be supporting Channel, a new decentralised media organisation. NFTs have gotten a bad wrap over the last year with wild speculation and valuations but this one provides real value and utility, whilst also looking 🔥🔥. Looking forward to seeing where this project leads.

D2's first round table of the year - 1/2022

Thanks to everyone who joined D2s first round table of the year. Hopefully things can be a little smoother this year...we shall see.