Cultivate Rave Revival

Date: 2021


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Reviving old rave graphics for Cultivate's 2021 edition.

Mapped across 4 seperate LED panels, I produced visuals that explored old rave graphics and the cultivation of grafitti in Aberdeen. Mixing re-purposed rave graphics made into 3D figures with quick snapshots of graffiti from across Aberdeen to create an immersive visual experience.

Exploring the 90s rave aesthetics of DIY/rough and ready these visuals matched the aesthics of the surrounding bare scaffolding that the LED Panels were attached too.

Close up of LED Panel and visuals
Visuals mapped across 4 LED panels
Visuals mapped across 4 LED panels
Bad Tunes!
Visuals mapped across 4 LED panels
Daniel Avery enjoying the visuals during his B2B with HAAi
X-Man in large split across the 4 panels as Slam deliver their trademark pounding techno
Rave graphic mirrored across the two outer panels
White graffiti visuals